2020 Q4 SRQ Singles Flex League
2020 Q4 SRQ Singles Flex League
Event Dates: 10/4/2020 - 12/19/2020
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Locations:  Public/Private tennis facilities in the Sarasota/Manatee counties (all locations must have access to restrooms, and must have safe surfaces and playing conditions.

Player contact:  It is the responsibility of the HOME player to make contact before the week of the scheduled match. Please make sure that your contact information is correct on the league website. (Please make sure that your email and phone number are correctly entered in your player profile...also please list your home facility in the "town/city" field of your player profile)

Scoring format:  Matches are best 2 of 3 sets, with a 10 point tiebreaker in lieu of the 3rd set.  USTA rules will govern play. Players will switch ends after every 6 points in the tiebreakers. We are NOT using the Komen tiebreak system.

Tennis balls:  Both players will bring a new can of tennis balls. The winner will keep the unopened can. Covid-19 safety: Players have the choice to use two cans of tennis balls to avoid sharing of the tennis balls.

3 strikes policy:  This league will insist on a strict adherence to good sportsmanship and fair play. If the league determines that a player is at legitimate fault for poor sportsmanship in any way, the league may issue a strike on that player. Strikes may also be issued if a player receives complaints deemed to be legitimate concerning negligent or uncooperative behavior in scheduling and showing up to matches on time. If a player receives 3 strikes during any calendar year, they will be removed from the league.

Reporting scores:  The winning player is responsible for reporting the scores within 24 hours of completion of the match. The losing player is responsible for confirming the scores within 48 hours of completion of the match. To report the 3rd set tiebreaker score, the winning player receives a 1 and the losing player a 0. In the next set box, click the cursor and you will be able to enter the tiebreaker score there, i.e. 10-7.

Guest fees: All clubs will have different policies and guest fees.  It is the responsibility of the home player to inform the visiting player of any guest fees that they should be ready to pay for.

League Information

The goal of this league is to play similarly skilled players in a fun and social environment. 

Prizes:   All division 1st place winners will receive free entry to following season.  The end of season champion will be the player with the most number of wins recorded, if there is a 2 way tie, the season head to head winner will be the champion, if there is a 3 or more way tie, the best match win/loss percentage will be champions, if it's still tied, the players with the best game: winning percentage will be the champion.

Season format:  The year will be broken up to 4 seasons, (February - April) (April - June) (July - September) (October - December)  The number of matches played per quarter will vary depending on flight size, but generally 6-8 matches will be played, which will allow plenty of time to get all the matches in, and allow for vacations, injuries, rain-outs, etc.

League fees:  $35 per player

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